What’s In A Name?

This site started out as Susan Sparks Photography. I didn’t necessarily want to use my name for the business name, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. After getting everything set up with the website and launching it, I got a call from my sister. She had forgotten the exact website address, so she had done an internet search for Susan Sparks Photography so she could look at my new website. She said the only site she could find on the first search page was a Susan Sparks Photography in Kentucky. We hadn’t “boosted” my site yet, but this was bad news. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t searched for any other Susan Sparks Photography businesses before deciding to use my name, which is apparently not unique! So I did my own Google search and there are actually 2 other Susan Sparks Photography’s in the U.S. and also a Sparks Photography, all of which also already had Facebook pages. I decided I needed my own unique business name, but also sort of wanted my name in it. After a solid afternoon of brainstorming (and searching each name I came up with) I decided on Sparks & Alchemy Photography. With a basic definition of alchemy being turning something common into something special, this seemed perfect for what I wanted to convey with the name. And the Sparks just added a little spark to it! 😉 I then informed my wonderful husband (who is also my I.T. guy) that he would have to make some changes. He took the news well and got everything switched over. In the meantime, I spent a few days designing a logo for my new name. Now everything is up and running again. A little bump in the road, but a lesson learned. And I’m happier with the new name. 😀

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